5 Benefits of World changing Technology 5G Network

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  • Aug 21, 2020

What is 5G ?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. The average speed of 5G network is 700 mb per sec. It will take a huge role in upcoming generation and technology.

Benefits of 5G network : 

1.The research sector will take less time : 

Field research can be defined as a creative method of data collection that targets to observe, interact and understand people while they are in a natural environment. so u will need a lot of time in collecting data and then report on it. Here our 5G network will help u to collect data and create the report on that project within a second.Lets consider you have to collect a sample of water from a river,

 With 5G network u can get your data with the help of a drone.Then create a report through an app and send it to the Lab. Thus how you can collect a data of a research project within a second. If u want to collect and report this you will must need 7 days minimum whereas our 5G based technology is taking only 1 second.

2.Virtual reality will feel More Realistic :

Nowadays the term virtual reality is quite popular all over the world. But our 5G network  will impact  quite seriously in upcoming days. 5G Will Make AR and VR Faster,more data flow capability within a short time,more online data use speed , so that the virtual experience will feel more realistic. With all the new upcoming feature i bet  people will addict on it.

3. foundation for self-ruling  car driving :

Only a few years ago self-driving cars were just a dream.Self ruling means  the car is fully independent in making decisions and responding to situations, including emergencies; no driver and no external intervention are needed. In this field the 5G network will impact highly.

4.Impact on Digital marketing : 

since the network speed is increasing in 5G network era,The world will also move much faster as it is now. People will become much busier than today.So the demand of Market place will increase day by day and this is how the Demand of digital marketing will go higher.

5.video popularity :

Maximum people has already shifted to video article. But this range will increase much more in 5G network. It is just because of it’s unbelievable speed.

According to a 2013 UK study, online video is much more engaging than a text article. Adults are more likely to share (39%), comment (36%) and ‘like’ (56%) online video over a basic text blog.

In 2014, audiences engaged with video at a 43% growth rate, and 3/5 of their viewings were on a mobile device.74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

So just imagine what will happen when there will be 5G network available .

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