Basis of grief is ignorance

  • Team
  • Aug 21, 2020

basis of grief is ignorance, not to consider your particular experience and to accept any external circumstances. Without removing this ignorance, if anyone wants to get rid of sorrow, it will not be possible. subjugation of Harsh in favorable circumstances and nature of crying and wailing in adversities is itself ignorance. Due to this, brain of man becomes a bit unbalanced. He wanders away from reality and mostly stumbles in confusion. His ability to understand and evaluate accurately is lost. He is unable to understand exactly whether things in which I am grieving are worthy of sorrow or not. In an unbalanced state, man thinks wrongly and behaves in same way, which is bound to cause unhappiness.

Attachment is also a big reason for grief. A rough sense of attachment can be taken here – an attachment of extreme belonging. There is a desire to keep things in which there is excessive attachment, but it is not possible to keep anything or person completely favorable in every situation. They can roam in opposite direction at any time in their motion. In such a situation, feeling of sorrow cannot be avoided due to excessive affection towards them. If independent existence of things and individuals can be accepted and desire to see them as being completely friendly, then there is no reason to face many of miseries experienced in vain.

People who are not quickly affected by change of coast of world drama survive attack of sorrows. If you can change your temperament when you get hilarious at time of fulfillment of your wishes and have a foul mind at time of supply, then many reasons of sorrows will be destroyed by you. If a generous, genuine and real-life can be walked in world and condescending excessive sensation with attachment, then our motherland can certainly be so strong, mature that there is no reaction to happiness and sorrow.

There is no remaining sorrow in world. By this universal sentiment, selfish narrowness of man becomes wide and wide. He thinks of himself for benefit of others, works for benefit of others and lives for welfare of others. When omnipotence takes place of belongingness in heart, then sensations of a human being are no longer there. He starts grieving with suffering of another and happy with happiness of another. In such a situation, a person who is cutter than God, in that affliction also gets a spiritual satisfaction, a spiritual satisfaction. When you mix yourself in society, there is a complete lack of sorrow.

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