Corona: Creativity or captivity for us??

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  • Aug 27, 2020

Corona virus has become the pandemic virus in the world. Day by day it is spreading recklessly. scientists are trying to make vaccines of it. Though Russia Thinks that they have invented the COVID-19 vaccine successfully but some of the scientists think that the steps which should be followed to invent a vaccine has not followed by them.

What is the most affected continent of corona?

Most of the people think that this virus is a captivity for us. We are facing a lot of problems due to this virus.  It has been known as the “The Pandemic Disease”, that’s why the whole word is suffering because of this virus. Now the North America is the most affected continent in whole world according to the last information by WHO. Moreover, the numbers of affected people are increasing day by day. So, ultimately it is causing a great effect in our day to day life.

What are the effects of corona in the lower-class people and the office workers?

Many people lead their life by earning money daily. They live from hand to mouth. On this situation they can’t earn their daily bread. They have to remain hungry. Moreover, they don’t have much money to maintain their family. If they are affected by any kind of disease, they can’t go to the doctors. That’s why if they are affected by corona, they don’t go to test it. That’s why we don’t know who is corona affected around us. So. their life has become very miserable. Though the governments are trying to help the people but they are not getting the help properly.

How the economy of the world is at risk?

The economy of the world is at great risk. Because of corona, Many garments. IT companies, govt. offices, Multi-national companies had remained close. Until the corona is over, it can be said that these companies will not be opened. And that will cause them heavily. Besides, the employees who work for them will not get the proper salary. By this they will not be able to maintain their family. So, the companies and its employees will be in a great loss.

Why many educational institutions are closed?

Corona affects in the sector of education. Almost, all the educational institutions of the world have been closed for corona virus. For this Students are not able to go to the institutions. But it is a good decision that, many institutions are taking online classes and exams so that they will not fall behind and the year will not be wasted. But there has some differences between online classes and participate on the actual class. But we have learned many other things in this lockdown. For example :We have gained skills on Ms word, Art and craft, web designing, English speaking skills ,online courses, working for many organization etc. Besides, we have learned how to make us safe, how to follow the rules of hygiene, cleanliness, take care of ourselves and our family members. Moreover, we are following the rules which are given by the World Health Organization to become safe from corona virus.

How about the coming days?

From the above discussion we can say that corona is a captivity for us. We have learned a lot of things because of this situation. Besides, we are facing some big problems too. Though we have gained some good things or gained some good skills but the current situation of the world is not good rather day by day the situation is getting bad. It has made us more anxious about the coming days.

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